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Divorce is a Beginning, Not an End: Divorce Mediation

A divorce decree doesn’t always announce the end of the relationship. More times than not, the decree forces the two to “redefine” their connection. Some become good friends, while others become sworn enemies avoiding their old stomping grounds and mutual friends. The worst is when one or both try to score points during the divorce process – the two will senselessly dwell in the darkness of their memories.

The divorce process is an opportunity for the two to establish a strong foundation for their next independent phase in life. Divorce Mediation offers the structure to negotiate and agree on challenging and complex issues. When done correctly, with the guidance of a Divorce Mediator, the two will liberate themselves from the shadows and the hurts of the past. Walid Jawad is cognizant of the significant consequences of the process. He invests his energy and time in helping couples through the challenging divorce process with an eye on establishing a solid foundation for each to tackle their new future.
Walid facilitates Divorce Mediations virtually from the convenience of your kitchen table. The 5-Star google reviews are a testament to the positivity Walid brings to negotiations. His goal is to limit your stress during this intense transitional period and to do so efficiently, expeditiously, and cost- effective. Make a complimentary appointment with Walid at Aether Mediation: by clicking on “Schedule a Complimentary Consultation”. Phone 202-670-5255

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