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Divorce Mediation: A Positive Approach to Your New Independent Life

Divorce is not your fault, nor is it your partner’s, even if you have a laundry list of incidents to point to. Oftentimes people are able to build healthier lives apart, provided they don’t foolishly choose to litigate their divorce. In addition to the exorbitant legal costs, the majority of cases settle out of court due to emotional fatigue and to stop the financial bleeding. 

A generation or two ago divorcing couples did not have Divorce Mediation as an option. But today, couples can choose to save their sanity and money by hiring a Mediator for a civil, cost effective and quick divorce process. Mediating couples gain real independence free from the shadow of bitterness and hurt that other contentious options will leave divorcees with. Divorce Mediation is the right option.

AJ Maddeny is a certified mediator who decided to be an Alternative Dispute Resolution practitioner after seeing how negative the outcome of litigation is on both parties. Although he mediates Business-Contracts, HOA, landlord-tenants, evictions, workplace, police complaints and other conflicts he has a soft-spot for family and divorce mediation for the great impact it has on family members, especially children.

Call AJ at 202-670-5255 or visit his website at to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if Divorce Mediation is right for you.

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