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Miller & Smith: The Power of Partnership in Real Estate Development

Founded in 1964, Miller & Smith, one of the D.C. region’s largest privately-owned real estate companies, exhibits the power of partnership and collaboration in real estate development. The successful build of the 55+ exclusive Clubhouse at Cascades at Embrey Mill, led by Jolette Reimann, Vice President of Purchasing, is a prime example of the firm’s innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.

A vital Miller & Smith team member for over three decades, Reimann’s journey from Settlement Coordinator to VP of Purchasing epitomizes the firm’s commitment to nurturing talent and promoting professional development. “The company provides a platform for growth, gives voice to every individual, and fosters excellence across diverse fields,” states Reimann.

Miller & Smith’s reputation as a dependable partner is rooted in Reimann’s proactive involvement with every department, from leadership to project coordinators and field superintendents. This level of commitment enables Miller & Smith to consistently deliver innovative and creative solutions to complex real estate challenges, building trust among its development partners.

Reimann shared, “I thrive on problem-solving. Identifying a challenge and finding a solution is the most rewarding aspect of my work.” This ethos is embodied in the completion of the 55+ Clubhouse at Cascades at Embrey Mill, showcasing the collaborative strength and creative problem-solving abilities of Miller & Smith and its partners.

Miller & Smith leverages expertise and resources in partnership with other organizations, affirming its position as a trustworthy collaborator to builders, developers and stakeholders. For additional information on Miller & Smith, visit

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