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Will Divorce Mediation Work For Me?

Divorce is difficult both emotionally and logistically. Divorce Mediation assists couples in untangling their life while reducing the elevated stress of the process. The mediator will help divorcing couples through the process in a few short sessions creating a solid foundation of understanding on which each can construct their independent new destiny.

The legal complexities of divorce, as well as the vagueness of the required legal conditions, are difficult enough without having to arrange a new independent life at the same time. While many partnerships end after a divorce decree is issued by the court, many others continue, especially if children are involved.

Join Walid from your device for a 1:15 (75 minute) live webinar to learn more about the divorce process and get answers to your questions regarding expectations, steps involved, and length of each phase.

REGISTER here: for one of the available May sessions.

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