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Book talk: Donna Everhart on “When the Jessamine Grows”

Bards Alley
110 Church St. NW
Vienna, Virginia 22180

Come to Bards Alley on Saturday, February 24 for a conversation with USA Today bestselling author Donna Everhart! She will talk about “When the Jessamine Grows,” a morally complex historical novel in the vein of “Cold Mountain”.

“When the Jessamine Grows” takes place in 19th century rural North Carolina, as the prospect of civil war looms. Despite their opposition to slavery, subsistence farmers Joetta and Ennis McBride maintain neutrality in the conflict until their older son, motivated by dreams of glory, runs away to join the Confederate army. Suddenly on her own, Joetta struggles to keep the farm running and stand by her convictions even as she finds herself increasingly at odds with her community.

Sign-ups are requested for this free event through Eventbrite. Interested individuals can order Donna’s book over the phone at (571) 459-2653 or online at

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