New true-crime podcast series delves into McLean double murder case

The CBS News podcast “Blood Is Thicker: The Hargan Family Killings” will premiere on May 8, 2024 (courtesy Paramount Audio)

Megan Hargan’s 2017 murder of her mother and sister will take center stage in a new podcast series from the team behind the true-crime TV show “48 Hours.”

Produced by CBS News and Paramount Audio, the miniseries “Blood is Thicker: The Hargan Family Killings” will release the first of six planned episodes on the double murder case next Wednesday (May 8).

In the series, host and “48 Hours” correspondent Peter Van Sant uses interviews, tape of 911 calls, police transcripts and interviews of surviving family members, and other evidence to examine Hargan’s motives and how Fairfax County police detectives solved the case, according to a press release.

“This was a story that haunted the 48 Hours team — an unimaginable scenario where a daughter kills her own mother and sister,” Paramount Vice President of Podcast Editorial Megan Marcus said. “So many of us feel we know families like the Hargans, seemingly happy from the outside, which makes this particular tragedy all the more unreal. For that reason, we tried to understand the motivation and approach the victims and survivors with empathy.”

Hargan was sentenced to two life terms in prison on Jan. 26 for fatally shooting Pamela Hargan, her mother, and sister Helen Hargan at their McLean house on July 14, 2017. Police initially said Helen had killed Pamela before turning a gun on herself, but investigators later determined that Megan Hargan had staged the scene to look like a murder-suicide.

During two trials, prosecutors argued that Megan Hargan had killed her mother and sister out of resentment, because her mother was helping her sister buy a house, while declining to give her financial assistance for a house in West Virginia.

Hargan was initially convicted of first-degree murder and use of a firearm in a felony in March 2022, but the decision was vacated over juror misconduct claims. A second conviction for both the murder and firearm charges was delivered on Sept. 22.

“Blood Is Thicker” is one of several podcasts made by the “48 Hours” team, whose past audio work includes correspondent Erin Moriarty’s “My Life of Crime” series. Launched in 1988, the TV show “48 Hours” investigates crime and justice news stories and is now airing its 36th season.

The first episode of “Blood Is Thicker” is available now without ads to “48 Hours+” subscribers on Apple Podcasts and Wondry+. New episodes will be posted Wednesdays on Apple Podcasts, Wondry+, Spotify and other podcast platforms.