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Herndon police department to upgrade ‘antiquated’ body cameras

The Herndon Police Department (staff photo by Jay Westcott)

The Herndon Police Department is poised to upgrade its body camera equipment five years after the program officially began.

Police spokesperson Lisa Herndon tells FFXNow that move was necessary because the police department’s old system became “antiquated.”

The new system offers better image quality, and officers can also access the cameras and videos remotely, a feature not available in the department’s current cameras, according to Herndon. 

At an Aug. 9  meeting, the Herndon Town Council approved the allocation of roughly $1 million for the program with funds from the American Rescue Act.

The upgraded system is also in sync with regional partner agencies, allowing law enforcement to share information more efficiently across agencies.

These upgrades to our in-house technology will ensure that our agency is up to date with new equipment to investigate crimes more efficiently, accurately, and successfully in the Town of Herndon,” Herndon said.

The upgrades also include updated forensic computer equipment that allows police officers to access and analyzes digital devices and information for criminal investigations. 

In the past, some devices and information had to be sent to partner agencies, creating what Herndon said was “delays in the investigation process.”

Herndon’s police body camera program went into effect in the summer of 2017.

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