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Ballroom dancing studio waltzes its way into the Town of Herndon 

Severyn Szapiaczan,
Severyn Szapiaczan is opening a new dance studio in Herndon (courtesy Severyn Szapiaczan)

A new dancing studio is waltzing its way to the Town of Herndon.

Owner Severyn Szapiaczan, a competitive dancer who is originally from Poland, plans to open Ballroom Boutique Dance Studio at 585 Grove Street on Sept. 2.

Szapiaczan says the business will offer instruction for beginners and experts.

“All of our dance instructors are highly skilled and trained to help you learn in our invigorating dance studio. Hailing from around the world, our teachers are award-wining professionals and gifted educators, many of whom are still active in competitive dance themselves,” Szapiaczan wrote in a statement.

Potential clients can take advantage of a free dance lesson.

The business specializes in ballroom dancing and prepping for wedding dances.

“Our teaching system is like a store for dancing. Everything you learn connects to another pattern, dance, or concept and planned according to your skill level so everything is fun, quick, and easy to learn,” Szapiaczan wrote.

Szapiaczan’s experience includes more than 300 dance contests around the world, and he helped Kirsie Alley prepare for Dancing with the Stars and Dancing with the Stars All-Stars. He has been dancing and competing since he was 9.