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Arlington’s Old Dominion Pizza will open sit-down Fairfax restaurant this spring

Old Dominion Pizza is expected to open in Fairfax City this spring (staff photo by Angela Woolsey)

Old Dominion Pizza Company is rolling out to Fairfax City.

The small Arlington County shop will expand for the first time, replacing the defunct Latin American restaurant Pampa Sazone at 3950 University Drive, Suite 102.

Owner John Rodas says the restaurant will open this spring, potentially as soon as March, depending on when the city approves the permits needed for renovations of the space to begin.

“We had some revisions at the beginning of the year,” Rodas said. “Once those get approved, then we can start our work, which again it’s not a lot to do, probably three, four weeks of work to do.”

Rodas had worked as the operator of a large pizza franchise “for several years” before deciding to open his own business, he told FFXnow. The opportunity arrived about five years ago when a different pizzeria shut down, opening up a space near Route 29 for Old Dominion Pizza, which launched on Jan. 3, 2019.

According to Rodas, the business has been “super busy” since opening day, so after about two years, the team started to scout out possible locations for an expansion.

Fairfax City quickly emerged as a top contender based on feedback from customers and friends. Rodas was also reassured by conversations with owners of local establishments like The Wine House and Earp’s Ordinary that the city is supportive of small businesses.

“Some of our customers that used to live near our Arlington store, or some that pick up pizzas on their way home and they live in Fairfax, they’ve really been begging us to come out there,” Rodas said. “So, we’re excited about it. Fairfax City’s definitely a nice little town, and it seems to be very friendly to small business.”

Where the Arlington location primarily serves delivery and takeout orders, the Fairfax Old Dominion Pizza will be a full sit-down restaurant with 35 to 40 tables inside and outside. Pizza will be served both whole and by-the-slice, and there will be a small bar serving wine and beer.

Old Dominion makes pizza New York-style and “Grandma style,” which is crispy and comes in square slices, according to its website. The vegan-friendly dough is made out of wheat flour, malted barley, water, cane sugar, soybean oil, salt and yeast, though there’s also an option for a cauliflower crust.

A pie called “The General” that features pepperoni, Italian sausage, onions, and peppers was named one of Washingtonian’s five favorite slices from around D.C. in 2019.

“We support our local schools, our little league team,” Rodas said. “We’re very involved in the community, and people love our pizza.”