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Pollo Compero nears site plan phase for new Herndon chicken restaurant

The chicken restaurant is planning to relocate to 1131 Elden Street (via Pollo Campero/Town of Herndon)

(Updated at 3 p.m. on 4/12/2023) Pollo Campero is opening a new restaurant in the Town of Herndon.

The business plans to build a new nearly 3,000-square-foot restaurant at 1131 Elden Street, according to town documents. The restaurant announced its intention in 2021 to relocate from 496 Elden Street to the new location.

But the business needs an exception for trash collection. During review of the site plan, the company says it was not able to secure a contract with a trash collection company because a development condition restricts the trash pick-up hours from 7-10 a.m.

The proposed condition will restrict trash collection during lunch and dinner (11AM – 1 PM and 5 PM – 7 PM).  The restaurant is allowed to be open outside of those hours.

“Based upon input from the trash collection providers, the applicant requests a special exception amendment to revise development condition four to restrict when trash collection cannot occur, instead of limiting the hours trash collection can occur,” Walsh Colucci land use planner Kelly Posusney said in a Feb. 15 letter.

Under the proposed revised condition, trash pick-up hours will be restricted during lunch (11 a.m.-1 p.m.) and dinner (5-7 p.m.) hours, according to the application. The restaurant would still be allowed to operate outside those hours.

(Correction: This story originally said the restaurant’s hours would be limited to lunch and dinner, but the proposed condition has since been clarified to FFXnow.)

Pollo Campero plans to demolish the existing auto repair structure on the site to build the new restaurant, which will have an outdoor dining area and a walk-up window for takeout orders. Items on the menu include fried chicken sandwiches, boneless wings, empanadas, and mashed potatoes.

After discussing the application last night (Monday), the Herndon Planning Commission is slated to vote on the trash collection request at its next public hearing on April 24.