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Alexandria hair waxing salon focused on comfort expands to Vienna

Alexandria-based Bare Skin Waxing has opened a second location in Vienna (photo by Danielle M.)

A new waxing salon has arrived in Vienna with promises of a less harrowing experience than the one Steve Carell was subjected to in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.”

Bare Skin Waxing will get a ribbon-cutting at 6 p.m. today (Thursday) to mark the opening of its second location since launching in Alexandria a decade ago. With Vienna Mayor Linda Colbert scheduled to attend, the ceremony will be outside the salon at 123 Church Street NW.

“We chose Vienna as our next major milestone due to its alignment with our core values of diversity, inclusivity, and a strong sense of community,” a Bare Skin spokesperson said. “The vibrant history, cultural richness, and the community’s embrace of different backgrounds resonated deeply with us.”

According to the company, Bare Skin originated in Old Town Alexandria with the goal of developing a “unique and gentle waxing technique” that would work for people who have sensitive skin.

The salon’s specialty is Brazilian waxes, but it provides bikini, leg and eyebrow waxing services as well, per its website.

“Our aim was to provide a comfortable hair removal experience without any irritation in a warm and welcoming atmosphere,” the spokesperson said. “Over the years, we have served thousands clients in the local area, helping them achieve smooth, hair-free skin — with comfort as our top priority.”

Bare Skin says it decided to expand to Vienna after noticing an abundance of clients visiting the Alexandria shop from Vienna, McLean and Fairfax.

“As most of our waxing and skin care treatments take less than 30 minutes, we wanted to ensure that the journey to our salon was shorter than the service itself!” Bare Skin said by email. “…We are excited to contribute to Vienna’s thriving beauty and wellness scene while forging meaningful connections with the local community.”