Residents of The View Alexandria were meant to be there

Ken and Peg Miller knew that The View Alexandria by Goodwin LivingTM was a smart choice. They didn’t know it would be a lifesaver, too.

The couple was finding it harder to handle their family home in Ashburn. “It was getting to be too much for us,” said Peg. “Ken had hip surgery, and before he’d completely recovered from that, we both got COVID. It was one thing after another.”

Seeking to be closer to their adult children, the Millers explored several options in and around Alexandria. “The View Alexandria had the best options,” said their son, Bob.

“Within days, we knew this had been a good decision,” said Ken. “It was like we were meant to be here,” Peg agreed.

The Millers soon realized just how serendipitous their move had been. Peg began feeling unwell, and one day could not take more than a few steps without being out of breath.

Ken took Peg for a meal in the dining room where Kathy Howell, the community’s Chaplain and Life Enrichment Director, spotted Peg. “She took one look at me and said, ‘What’s wrong with you?’” Peg said.

Kathy, a former nurse, took Peg’s pulse, asked her a few questions and encouraged her to call an ambulance.

“They took me right into the emergency room,” said Peg. “She had a blood clot in the lungs,” Ken confirmed.

“I credit Kathy with saving my life,” Peg said.

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