Reston Community Center debuts new, modernized website

The website features new navigation and a more modern design (courtesy Reston Community Center)

Reston Community Center has officially released a new website that aims to improve access to information and overall usability.

The website, which was created by United Experts, includes new design elements, compatibility with different screen sizes and devices, and a more user-friendly navigation menu.

“We devoted a year to research, designing a comprehensive [request for proposals] and issuing that solicitation,” RCC Executive Director Leila Gordon said. “We received about a dozen proposals and analyzed them for how well they understood both RCC and our community, as well as how beautifully and functionally they addressed our challenges.”

The website is divided into three primary content categories: things to do, information, and facilities.

It also includes a new notification system that allows RCC to publish time-sensitive announcements easily. Digitized documents and publication archives are now fully searchable, and a help center is available for additional resources.

The website still connects with RCC’s two main platforms for purchases — myRCC, where users can look and register for the community center’s programs, and ETix, where users can buy tickets.

“RCC users gave us invaluable feedback,” board chair Beverly Cosham. “The outcome is as much a function of their input as of ours.”