Neighborhood Expert: Commonly forgotten spaces to clean

Laura Schwartz is a licensed Realtor in VA and D.C. with McEnearney Associates in Vienna. You can follow Laura on Instagram at @LauraSchwartzRealtor or her Facebook page. Laura can be reached at 703-283-6120 or Laura@GuidingYourMove.com.

My family is coming into town for Thanksgiving and the only thing worse than being judged by your own family is being judged by your in-laws. Am I right?

This morning I went to throw in a load of laundry and thought, I haven’t cleaned the detergent dish in a while, and sure enough, it was gross (also, being judged by the internet is fine with me). So please heed this as your reminder to check out those commonly used and often neglected spaces!

Washer (detergent area and pump filter)

Refrigerator filter — you can easily just vacuum this, but easier if you take it off.

  • Sink drains (pull out hair)
  • Humidifier filters (often get moldy because people forget to change them)
  • Under your stove
  • Toilet seat lid screws (boy moms especially can understand this one)

Two products I recommend:

Don’t let your in-laws judge you!

Photo via JENSHOOTS.COM on Unsplash