Live Fairfax: New Year’s resolutions 2024

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New Year’s resolutions — they’re a mixed bag, right? Some folks swear by them, others cringe at the thought. Me? Well, I tend to lean towards calling them goals and sneaking them in under that label. But hey, regardless of what you call them, I’ve got some pointers to help make this year a standout.

Staying Fit and Healthy

Fairfax and Arlington Counties are a goldmine for keeping active. Take Sharmane, for instance — she’s the marathon aficionado who knows all the top-notch trails like Four Mile Run, W&OD, Cross County Trail, Fountainhead Regional, and of course Burke Lake Trail. Then there’s Laura, the former college athlete diving into group fitness. Here’s the scoop on those classes: not only do you sweat it out, but you might just meet some cool new pals. Plus, the simple act of meeting a friend there can get you out of bed and committed to your fitness journey. F45, Orange Theory, Boxing, Yoga, Pure Barre, Solid Core — you name it, there’s a class for it. So, experiment until you find your fitness soulmate!

Building Relationships

Let’s face it, we’ve all realized by now how much we need human connections. Put some effort into nurturing those bonds — whether it’s with your partner, friends, family, or even work buddies. Fairfax County is buzzing with things to do.

Mix it up a bit! Skip the usual dinner and catch up with a friend over a coffee while strolling around True Foods or Burke Lake Park. Or gather the gang for a fun round of mini-golf at Perch Putt or Tyson’s Bowlero. And hey, why not lace up those skates and head to Reston Town Centre or Skate N’ Fun Zone for a spin? It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone to create those memorable moments.

Family Adventures

As a mom juggling three kiddos, I get the struggle of breaking the routine. Those after-school activities and playdates can make “date nights” sound like a fairy tale from another lifetime.

But guess what? They don’t have to be! Explore new playgrounds as a family — my bunch absolutely loves the skating park at Van Dyck Park where my twins go wild while the older ones kick a soccer ball around. Trust me, the playgrounds these days are way cooler than what we had growing up! And don’t forget to try out some creative outlets like Muse Paintbar or Board & Brush for a DIY session. Wrap it up with a scrumptious brunch at Ted’s Bulletin or dinner at Hamrocks.

However you decide to roll with this year, here’s wishing you heaps of health, prosperity, and loads of joy. Cheers to an incredible New Year!

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