New art exhibition turns Columbia Pike retail and government buildings to galleries

Street scene by artist Jane Coonce, on display at the Mason Governmental Center (photo courtesy Art in Daily Spaces)

A new art exhibition aims to change the way people see some of their daily spaces around the Annandale area.

The exhibition, called Art in Daily Spaces, is sponsored by ArtsFairfax and over the next month a variety of local shops and government buildings will be transformed into impromptu art galleries.

“‘Art in Daily Spaces,’ is a unique art activation event that transforms local retail establishments and other establishments into temporary art galleries,” the release said.

The locations — mostly along Columbia Pike — will feature work from ten local artists.

The installations are set to run from Saturday, April 13, through Sunday, May 12.

The galleries will be located in:

  • Soricha Tea & Theater (7112 Columbia Pike)
  • Beanetics Coffee Roasters (7028 Columbia Pike)
  • Mason District Government Center (6507 Columbia Pike)
  • Hair Unik (7034 Columbia Pike)
  • Lighthouse Tofu (4121 Chatelain Road)
  • RAMP Optimal Performance and Wellness (7232 Columbia Pike)
  • Seven Hair Line Inc (7116 Columbia Pike)