FCPD: Third arrest made in Springfield ‘street takeover’ incident

A man allegedly brandishes a weapon during a car meet in Springfield on Easter Sunday (via FCPD)

Fairfax County Police have arrested another individual involved in a “street takeover” in Springfield earlier this month.

On Friday, April 19, Baltimore County Police Department detained a 20-year-old man from Parkville, Maryland, according to FCPD. He faces charges of abduction, assaulting a law enforcement officer, wearing a mask in public and obstruction of justice.

The individual is currently held in Baltimore County, awaiting extradition to Fairfax County.

The arrest is part of a series following an incident earlier this month when Fairfax County Police encountered a “mob” of people in a parking lot at 6600 Electronic Drive around 3 a.m. on March 31 (Easter Sunday).

According to police, the group blocked an officer’s vehicle, climbed on it, and aggressively banged on the windows. The situation escalated when an individual was seen brandishing what appears to be a rifle from a car.

Police have made three arrests so far, with additional arrests expected as the investigation continues.