Dragons Concord tabletop roleplay center celebrating its first anniversary!

The Dragons Concord is a tabletop roleplay gaming center that focuses on providing a safe and professional roleplay and miniature wargaming experience.

Our themed private gaming rooms, free public gaming tables, and growing staff of professional game masters, are all oriented toward one goal — to make roleplay gaming as accessible and fun as we can for everyone! We’ve had an amazing reception by the community since we first opened our doors last June, and to celebrate we’re hosting a special event at our store in Fairfax on June 1st.

In addition to hosting a variety of special game sessions and events throughout the day, we’ll also be hosting several local creators and crafters showing off their talents in 3d printed miniatures and dice towers, board game development and even introductory blacksmithing classes being offered by our partner Semicolon Craft and Forgeworks! Visit www.dragonsconcord.com for more information.

The demand for quality game masters is increasing faster than ever before, and we intend to meet that demand head on. Our Storytellers are some of the best in the area, and we work together as a team to both improve our own skills and find ways to improve the community as well.

If you think you have the passion and experience to take your game to the next level and help us grow this community, fill out an application to join our team!