Join the We’ve Got Your Back Race for Spinal Health!

The spine is central to the entire body and cannot be replaced, leaving it as one of the most vital and underappreciated body parts we have. Today, over 100 million people in the US struggle with chronic spine and back pain. We can change that!

In a world where many of us spend hours hunched over computers or craning down at our smartphones, maintaining spinal health is paramount. This October, the spotlight is on spinal wellness as we celebrate Spine Health Awareness Month.

Spine Health Awareness Month is an annual observance held every October to highlight the importance of spinal health and wellness. It is a period dedicated to educating the public about the significance of maintaining a healthy spine and promoting activities, practices, and habits that can contribute to spinal well-being.

This Spine Health Awareness Month, the National Spine Health Foundation invites everyone to join the movement towards better spinal health. With a range of resources, educational events, and community initiatives, there’s an avenue for everyone wishing to learn more about spinal health, prevent spinal conditions, or manage existing spinal ailments.

Our signature annual event is the We’ve Got Your Back 5k/FunRun/Walk taking place at Reston Heights on 10/15 at 8am. Join us and win prizes, participants get free post-race massages from certified spine physical therapists. Can’t be there? Consider making a donation to support the cause!