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Two-toed sloths have been added to the lineup of animals at Nova Wild in Reston (courtesy Nova Wild)

What has two toes and moves real slow?

NOVA Wild in Reston recently announced the arrival of two adorable two-toed sloths who are now ready to meet zoo-goers.

Two-toed sloths are native to Central and South America, including Brazil and Peru, according to the Smithsonian National Zoo’s website. And of course, they’re known for moving slowly.

“Sloths have leafy, low-calorie diets and very slow metabolisms to match. Their metabolic rate is only about 40-45% of what would be typical for their body weight,” the zoo writes. “Because of this specialized metabolism, sloths need to be frugal with their energy use. So, they move slowly and tend not to wander far from their small home ranges.”

“We’re just thrilled to welcome these captivating two-toed sloths,” NOVA Wild owner Tara Campbell Lussier said in a news release. “Sloths teach us valuable lessons – the importance of caring for the natural world, and to remember to slow down and enjoy life. They’re truly fascinating creatures and we’re grateful to share them with our guests and community.”

The sloths’ newly built, interactive habitat is designed to provide an immersive and educational experience, allowing guests to be up close and personal while learning about sloths’ natural habitat, behaviors and conservation status.

The sloths’ arrival is just in time for International Sloth Day, on Oct. 21.

For an extra $100 beyond admission, you can meet and interact with the new sloths one-on-one at Nova Wild through a zookeeper guided tour.

Located at 1228 Hunter Mill Road, Nova Wild opened in February as the newest iteration of Reston’s zoo, replacing the previous branding of Roer’s Zoofari after a change in ownership.

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Nova Wild — formerly known as Roer’s Zoofari and, before that, Reston Zoo — will partially reopen this weekend with a new self-drive safari.

Customers will get the chance to experience different animals like bison, llamas, and emus from their vehicles. Tours begin Saturday, Feb. 11 and will continue every Friday through Sunday thereafter at the zoo, which is located at 1228 Hunter Mill Road. Each tour is 30 minutes.

The rebranded zoo isn’t expected to fully open until early March, Josh Reid, a spokesperson for the zoo told FFXnow. Reid said an official opening date is not yet available.

Tickets are $10 per person. Kids 3 and under are free. A cup of animal feed is available for purchase for $5.

The nonprofit is also working with Lumagica, a company that specializes in light shows, to bring a light show with more than 50,000 LED lights representing migration patterns to the zoo from Feb. 17 through April 19 to celebrate the zoo’s grand opening.

Tickets for the “Great Migration” light show are available online.

The zoo changed ownership late last year, FFXnow previously reported. Founder Tara Campbell Lussier — a real estate agent and a mom of four — says she looks forward to reinventing the zoo that she used to visit as she grew up in Reston.

“I’m excited to give local families the chance to experience wildlife firsthand, and we’re modernizing the property to create an optimal experience, both for our visitors and the animals that live here,” Campbell Lussier said.

The owners of the zoo stress the prioritization of animal welfare, education and conservation. It’s formed as a nonprofit organization with accreditation by the Zoological Association of America and American Humane.

Before the ownership changed, patrons of the zoo were offered a tram-assisted tour that brought its animals near the vehicle.


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