Dozens of white supremacist flyers found in McLean neighborhoods

A Fairfax County police car (file photo)

Fairfax County police found as many as 50 flyers advertising a white supremacist hate group around McLean yesterday morning (Thursday).

Officers from the McLean Police District responded to “numerous reports of suspicious flyers” in multiple residential neighborhoods in western McLean, the Fairfax County Police Department said.

“Homeowners alerted officers to sealed plastic bags containing a propaganda flyer weighted with bird seed on their property,” the FCPD said. “Police have recovered 40-50 flyers throughout the neighborhoods. Detectives are working to determine the origin of these flyers.”

Police believe preliminarily that the flyers were distributed randomly.

At least one of the flyers appeared to be attempting to recruit residents to the Loyal White Knights, a branch of the Ku Klux Klan that operates in North Carolina and Virginia, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Fairfax County taxpayers! ‘Wokers’ are playing you for fools! Evidently, tolerance does have a price — $60,000+,” said the flyer, which was shared with FFXnow by a resident who said they were found scattered along Churchill Road.

The flyer also featured a post office box and phone number for the Loyal White Knights.

“100% Americanism — pray for white Americans,” it said.

A white supremacist flyer found in McLean (courtesy anonymous)

The FCPD is investigating the flyers as a “bias incident,” which it defines as an act that’s motivated by bias against an individual’s race, religion, ethnicity or nationality, disability or sexual orientation, but doesn’t constitute a crime.

Bias incidents can be considered violations of civil law.

“They become criminal acts only when they directly incite perpetrators to commit violence against persons or the destruction of property,” police said.

The KKK has targeted Fairfax County before, distributing about 30 flyers with antisemitic propaganda and disparaging comments about the Fairfax County School Board in Fairfax Station in June 2021. Antisemitic flyers were also found around Wolf Trap last February.

The FCPD is asking potential victims or witnesses to contact its detectives:

If you are the victim or witness of a Bias Crime or Incident in Fairfax County, please contact the FCPD at 911 (for in progress) or our non-emergency number at 703-691-2131. Anyone with information about this crime or who may have noticed anything suspicious is asked to please call our McLean Police station at 703-556-7750. To contact our detectives, please call our Organized Crime and Intelligence Bureau at 703-802-2750