Recycling center or storage facility proposed for vacant Lorton property

A possibility of three uses is being proposed for the Lorton site (via Google Maps)

A vacant property along I-95 near Lorton Marketplace may not be vacant for much longer.

Milestone Properties is pitching either a recycling center or storage facility for the nearly three-acre site at 9420 Gunston Cove Road, which is currently home to a 75-foot retaining wall that will remain on the property.

The applicant is considering three options for the property: a recycling center, storage yard, or storage for building materials and sales purposes.

The recycling center operation would involve buying scrap metal from demolition and construction projects in the area. Metal would be consolidated and sold wholesale to users. A dozen employees would work at the site, with roughly 10 to 15 daily deliveries from contractors dropping off scrap metal.

The second option would also require up to 15 employees but would only involve the storage of construction and landscaping equipment, along with other large items. No sales of goods will occur on site, according to the application.

The final use would involve storage and sales of lumber, rock, gravel, landscaping and other materials. Sales would be allowed but not to the general public.

So far, Milestone Properties wants to phase the uses. In the first phase, a trailer with an office, two 90-foot truck scales, and outdoor storage in three locations would be provided. The plan calls for 21 parking spaces and three loading spots.

The second phase will consist of a nearly 16,000-square-foot building. The 40-foot-tall building would contain most of the storage areas.

The application is in the early phases of Fairfax County’s proposal process and has not yet been formally accepted for review.

Photo via Google Maps