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Italian gelato maker opens second U.S. shop in Fair Oaks Mall

D’Ambrosio Gelato is now open in Fair Oaks Mall (photo by Vivian Hoang)

A new gelato stall has arrived at Fair Oaks Mall, just in time to offer sweet relief during the final days of summer.

D’Ambrosio Gelato opened for business on Aug. 16. It’s located on the first floor outside the Apple store at 11750 Fair Oaks Mall and sells both milk-based and vegan options as well as coffee.

Flavors include hazelnut, Italian coffee, strawberry, Italian organic chocolate, matcha green tea, and more.

This is the company’s first physical location in Virginia and only its second in the U.S., following a debut in Seattle back in 2010.

D’Ambrosio was concocted in Milan, Italy, by master chef Enzo Dambrosio, who began making gelato when he was 17. The business still utilizes ingredients made by the same dairy production facility that has been operating in Italy since 1957, per its website.

The company expanded its production line in 1974, adding other Italian desserts, coffee and beverages to its offerings. Its products can now be found in restaurants and hotels, along with its official shops.

D’Ambrosio has opened six locations worldwide now, including in Italy, France and Taiwan. Three stores are slated to open in Japan this year, according to its website.

Paul Kwon, who manages the Fair Oaks location, says the shop is planning to introduce more desserts in the coming weeks. On Monday (Aug. 28), they added panna gelato — warm, toasted bread filled with gelato — to the menu.

“We will introduce other desserts called cream fredda [a mousse-like coffee cream] and panna cotta in September,” he said.