Comstock’s redevelopment of Herndon moves toward permitting

Downtown Herndon is slated for redevelopment into a mixed-use community (staff photo by Fatimah Waseem)

The redevelopment of downtown Herndon — a long-delayed partnership between the Town of Herndon and Reston-based developer Comstock — continues to advance after more than a year-long pause.

At a Herndon Town Council meeting on Tuesday (Sept. 26), Town Manager Bill Ashton II said building permits for the project have gone to the fire marshal for approval.

The project will transform nearly 5 acres of land into a mixed-use community with 273 apartments and roughly 17,000 square feet of retail. A new arts center and a 726-space parking garage are also planned.

Staff have also sent comments and revisions back to Comstock after the developer submitted revised plans for the project. The revisions are not substantive updates, instead simply bringing the delayed project up to code.

Ashton II said Comstock’s representatives noted “there was nothing difficult in the comments.”

That process could take between two to four weeks, Ashton II said. Building permits would then receive approval.

In the interim, Comstock will send the project out for a contractor rebid in the next “couple of weeks,” Ashton II said. Town staff will then examine the project about two months after that process is underway.

The developer elected to pause the project in July 2022 due to “economic conditions.” The $101 million cost increased by $25 million as a result of rising expenses for materials, labor and workforce restrictions, FFXnow previously reported.

The pause can be in place for up to two years after it went into effect. That means the latest construction can begin is April 2024.