County backs Lake Anne economic vision study with another $200,000

County planners and consultants meet with Lake Anne Residential Condominium Association members to discuss the future of Lake Anne (courtesy Hunter Mill District Office)

Planning efforts to determine an economic vision for the Lake Anne area in Reston continue to receive financial support from Fairfax County.

At a meeting on Tuesday (Sept. 26), the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved $200,000 in carryover funding for the Lake Anne economic visioning study. The board considered a number of items to fund by carrying over leftover money from the fiscal year 2023 budget.

The funds will further the formation of an economic vision for the Lake Anne Commercial Revitilization Area, which kicked off last year. The first phase of the study concluded this summer after a series of public engagement efforts with the community.

So far, the vision suggests a concentration of new apartment units at 1527 Cameron Crescent Drive, added cultural attractions, a parking structure, a centralized green space, connections from the Crescent site to Lake Anne Plaza via a new park, and the restoration of a tunnel to the east side of the area.

In a statement to FFXnow, Hunter Mill District Supervisor Walter Alcron said he was pleased with the board’s decision to continue funding the project.

“With the overall vision identified through the consensus process during Phase 1, it is time for the community to take the next steps and for respective property owners to explore critical revitalization projects to ensure Lake Anne continues as the cultural heart of Reston for another 60 years, and beyond,” Alcorn wrote.

Phase two of the economic visioning study kicked off in August and is expected to take three months. This phase is assessing the interests of individual property owners and their willingness to partner on implementing the vision. With the new funding from the county, the third phase of the study would kick off in the first quarter of 2024.

Currently, the county’s Department of Planning and Development and Streetsense is meeting with residents and stakeholders.

Earlier this month, roughly 25 members of the Lake Anne Residential Condominium Association (LARCA) met with the study team to share their ideas and address their concerns.