Fairfax County seeks input on future of development in Centreville

Centreville Planning Area (courtesy of Fairfax County)

Fairfax County’s Department of Planning and Development is inviting Centreville residents to share their thoughts on the area’s future development.

In an effort to better understand community preferences, the county published a six-question online survey last month, which seeks to gather opinions on what residents and visitors enjoy about the neighborhood and their desired direction for its future development.

Available until the end of January, the survey is a key part of a 2022 initiative by the Board of Supervisors to gather data that will help county staff formulate a recommendation for revising the 2,700-acre Centreville Planning Area.

The last update to the planning area occurred in the 1990s, says Leanna O’Donnell, the planning department’s director.

“The goals of the study are to review and evaluate existing Comprehensive Plan policies and to recommend additional policies to guide future growth in the area,” she told FFXnow.

She added that, based on residents’ feedback, her team might suggest policy changes regarding transportation, park space and land use in a comprehensive plan amendment to supervisors.

“Study recommendations will establish a policy framework for those interested in redeveloping property in the future,” she said, noting there will likely be a core focus around major arterial roads, including Route 29, Route 28 (Sully Road) and I-66.

The current version of the county’s comprehensive plan classifies the Centreville Planning Area as a mixed-use center and highlights Centreville as a “focus of development” in the western section of the county.

In addition to the survey, the county plans to hold in-person forums to engage directly with residents, business owners and visitors about future development in Centreville.

“Once we’re able to compile early feedback (i.e. survey, in-person engagements) a formal process will begin to evaluate new recommendations,” O’Donnell said.

County staff aim to present their findings in early 2025, although an official deadline has not been established.

Should the board adopt these recommendations, it will then be up to private entities and other stakeholders to initiate redevelopment applications, O’Donnell said.