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FCPS routes school buses away from Blake Lane in wake of fatal crash

Fairfax County school bus (staff photo by Jay Westcott)

Fairfax County Public Schools has made several bus stop changes in the Oakton area after conducting a safety review of the Blake Lane corridor.

Announced today (Friday), the school system has moved 22 stops away from Blake Lane in response to safety concerns after a driver hit three Oakton High School students at the Five Oaks Road intersection on June 7 — one of the last days of the 2021-2022 school year.

Two of the students died, while the third was hospitalized with significant injuries.

The changes will be in effect when the 2022-2023 school year launches on Monday (Aug. 22).

“Our community cares deeply about student safety, and we are grateful for their continued advocacy for increased precautions along the Blake Lane corridor,” said Karl Frisch, who represents Providence District on the Fairfax County School Board. “Moving these bus stops will enhance student safety while local and state partners continue working together to mitigate speeding and other traffic concerns in the area.”

Frisch says the stops have been relocated so that no students will have to wait on Blake Lane, but six stops will still be on the roadway, where side streets lack the capacity for the bus to turn around:

In the past, these students have waited on Blake Lane until the bus stops 50 feet from the intersection. Beginning the first day of school, August 22, students will assemble and wait for the bus on the side street and at least 50 feet away from Blake Lane, not on Blake Lane itself. When the bus arrives, the driver will ensure all traffic is stopped and motion the students to approach the stopped bus to board. In addition, the Office of Safety and Security (OSS) will recommend the installation of marked crosswalks on the intersecting side streets of Blake Lane as part of a VDOT safety review.

Fairfax resident Usman Shahid, the alleged driver in the June crash, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. A new graduate of Oakton High School, he was driving 81 mph in the 35 mph zone when he hit the students, who were on a sidewalk, police said.

With residents pointing out longstanding safety issues on Blake Lane, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted earlier this month to expand the area where drivers face an additional $200 fine for speeding. The county is also looking at acquiring more “Know Your Speed” devices and introducing speed cameras near schools.

Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik plans to assemble a Blake Lane Safety Community Advisory Group, Frisch says.

A list of the bus stop changes for this year can be found below.

*** Indicates bus stop remaining on Blake Lane (students will wait on side streets).

Luther Jackson Middle School

  • Luther Jackson MS (AAP) — Blake Lane & Five Oaks Road
    Stop moved to Mosaic ES
  • Luther Jackson MS (AAP) — Blake Lane & Tipperary PS
    Stop moved to Tipperary Pass & Valera Court
  • Luther Jackson MS (AAP) Blake Lane & Mission Square Drive
    Stop is on the Service Road

Thoreau Middle School

  • Thoreau MS — Blake La & Five Oaks Rd
    Stop moved to Mosaic ES
  • Thoreau MS -Blake Lane & Cyrandall Valley
    Stop moved to Cyrandall Valley Road & Capperton Drive (up to 10 minutes late arrival to school)
  • Thoreau MS — Blake Lane & Mission Square Drive
    Stop is on the Service Road
  • Thoreau MS -Blake Lane & Cyrandall Valley (Students who traverse Platten Drive and Sugar Lane)
    Stop moved to Sweet Mint Drive/Sugar Lane
  • Thoreau MS -Blake Lane/Hibbard Street
    Stop changed to Hibbard Street & Copper Court
  • Thoreau MS -Student walking from Tipperary Pass to Edgelea Road
    Stop changed to Tipperary Pass & Valera Court
  • Thoreau MS — Late Run -Tipperary Pass & Valera Court
    Stop changed to Cyrandall Valley Road/Caperton Drive
  • Thoreau MS — Blake Lane & Hibbard Street
    Stop changed to Hibbard Street/Copper Court
  • *** Thoreau MS — 10005 THRU 10017 BLAKE LA @ PIPESTEM
    Student will wait on the property complex until the bus arrives

Mountain View High School

  • Mountain View HS — Blake Lane /Sutton
    Stop changed to Vaden Drive/Saintsbury Drive

Crossfield Elementary School

  • Crossfield ES -9553 Blake Lane
    Stop moved to Blake Lane Service Road

Marshall Road Elementary School

  • Marshall Road ES — 9553 Blake La @ Fairfax Circle Villa Apartments
    Stop moved to Blake Lane Service Road

Mosaic Elementary School

  • Mosaic ES — Blake Lane & Mission Square Drive
    Stop is on the Service Road
  • Mosaic ES — Blake Lane & Lindenbrook Street
    Stop is on the Service Road
  • Mosaic ES -Blake Lane/Tipperary Pass
    Stop changed to Tipperary Pass/Valera Court
  • *** Mosaic ES — Blake Lane/Oakton Crest Place
    Bus will stop at the corner of Blake La & Oakton Crest Pl
    Students will wait on Oakton Crest Place
  • *** Mosaic ES — 9553 Blake Lane @ Fairfax Circle Villa Apartments
    78 students were previously assigned walkers
    Students have been assigned a bus
    Student will wait in the apartment complex area until the bus arrives​​​​​​​

Oakton Elementary School

  • Oakton ES — Jermantown Road/Trevor House
    Stop changed to Bushman Drive/Summit Square
  • *** Oakton ES — 9926 Blake Lane (Residential stop)
    1 student will wait in the driveway until the bus arrives
  • *** Oakton ES — 10005 THRU 10017 BLAKE LA @ PIPESTEM
    Students will wait on the property complex until the bus arrives
  • Oakton ES — Jermantown Rd & Borge St
    Students will wait on Borge Street until the bus arrives
  • Oakton ES — 2900 Jermantown Rd
    Students will wait on the sidewalk at the Pipe Stem
  • *** Oakton ES — Blake/Palmer
    Students will wait on Palmer until the bus arrives

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