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Buying a home in Virginia? Why not get a rebate to do so?

Real estate agents claim that home buyers don’t pay anything to use their service, but buyer’s agents usually net 2-3% of a home price as commission. Let me rebate you as much of this as possible.

It is common for a real estate seller’s agent to charge between 5 and 6% of the sales price as commission, a cost which sellers keep in mind when judging how to price their property.

This commission is typically split between the seller and buyer agents, meaning as a buyer, your agent is receiving anywhere from 2.5-3% of the sale price of the home, even if nothing is coming directly out of your pocket.

Today many buyers constantly scour sites like Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, attend open houses, and drive around blocks they are interested in when searching for their next home or real estate investment.

If this sounds like you, keep reading. You deserve to take advantage of a rebate for putting in the legwork to buy your next home.

I offer a limited agent rebate service for homebuyers and real estate investors in Northern Virginia.

I will rebate you 50% of the buyer agent’s commission from the seller (after the first $1,500) with no complicated formulas and no sliding scales based on you using a specific title company and so on.

On a $850,000 home with a 6% seller commission, this would come to $12,000 in you pocket, rebated at closing, subject to lender approval.

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