Sugarland Run Stream restoration in Herndon nearly complete

Sugarland Run stream restoration (staff photo by Fatimah Waseem)

Some stability has been restored to Sugarland Run.

The Town of Herndon has nearly completed a project to restore roughly 1,200 linear feet of natural stream and stabilize stream banks of Sugarland Run South from the Washington & Old Dominion Trail crossing to the pedestrian bridge crossing, according to town manager Bill Ashton II.

At a recent Herndon Town Council meeting, Ashton said the first phase of the project is “quickly coming to a close.”

“We are preparing to repave the pathway,” he said, adding that the work will officially wrap up in the fall after conditions because safe and reliable for the installation of new plans.

The project aimed to reduce sediment and improve water quality along the stream, whose steep banks had become eroded. Bioengineering methods like vegetation planting plans, in-stream structures and brush mattress installations were used to shore up the stream.

Although the trail will remain open during the remaining construction, the entrance at the Herndon Police Department remains blocked.

A $964,000 contract was awarded to KBS Earthworks, Inc. late last year. The project has been in the works for years.

Stream restoration creates a stable channel using natural materials to restore the function, dynamics and structure of the stream to the maximum extent possible, according to the town.