Planning to restore Sugarland Run North streams in Herndon underway

The restoration of the southern part of Sugarland Run shows reconstructed banks (via Town of Herndon)

Planning is underway for stream restoration at Sugarland Run North.

At a Fairfax County Board of Supervisors meeting on July 11, the board unanimously approved an agreement between the county and the Town of Herndon to design and construct the project.

The $3.9 million project would restore roughly 2,350 linear feet of Sugarland Run, which is located in the Sugarland Run watershed. The project will begin roughly 1,200 linear feet north of the Washington & Old Dominion Trail crossing with Sugarland Run.

Sugarland Run South runs from Elden Street to the previously finished southern end of the project.

The town has asked the county to fund the design and construction of the project over four fiscal years.

“In addition to improving the environment and water quality, this partnership with the Town of Herndon is an example of implementation of effective and efficient government practices consistent with the County’s Strategic Plan,” county staff said a July 11 memo.

Staff noted that the partnership with Herndon will save the county time and administrative costs that would have piled up if the project was administered under the county’s own stormwater program.

The agreement is possible because the Town of Vienna, the Town of Herndon and Fairfax County have agreed to share some stormwater service district fees in order to meet stormwater management requirements for the Chesapeake Bay.

At a recent Herndon Town Council meeting, John Irish, the town’s deputy director of public works, noted that the primary goal of the project is to absorb and direct energy in a way that protects the geology of the stream. The project will improve the aquatic habitat of the area, address local flooding, and improve the safety and instability of eroded banks.

Channel erosion from the increased volume and velocity has led to significant nutrient and sediment pollution, along with the loss of habitats.

Construction on the northern project is expected to start in fiscal year 2026, which would start on July 1, 2025. Design work will begin in fiscal year 2024, according to the town’s website.

Photo via Town of Herndon newsletter